Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

I've discovered it doesn't really matter if you stand in the kitchen while watching a pot of water boil or if you wait for the aforementioned pot of water to boil while updating your blog from another room.  It still takes too long for that pot of water to boil, especially when you are hungry and craving macaroni and cheese with sliced hot dogs (everyone's childhood favorite).

Exciting news!  There are currently TWO tomatoes growing on one of five vines in our small, pathetic garden.

Tomayto?  Tomahto?

(Yes, I know, you can see only one of the tomatoes in this picture.)  We planted the vines two months ago, I'm guessing, in June, and ever since, I've been anticipating the first tomato sandwich.  Nothing tastes better.  I do hope there are enough tomatoes to make salsa, though.  I found an awesome recipe a few years ago.

Let's see...what else is going on?  Oh!  Our friend Mike is finally moving in.  We extended the invitation to him shortly after we bought the house, and although he wanted to move out of his grandparents' place, drama prevented him from doing so for awhile.  In a lot of ways, it'll be nice to have someone else in the house, but I think I will miss being alone sometimes.

Kyle and I went to a picnic hosted by Big Brothers, Big Sisters last week.  They provided Arby's regular roast beef sandwiches, chips, drinks, and ice cream for all the Bigs and Littles, and there were several games, such as disc golf, football, and three-legged races.  There was also a water fight with sponges and squirt guns, and of course everyone got soaked!  It was really fun, and I'm grateful Big Brothers, Big Sisters offers these opportunities.  

The end of the term is coming up.  I've passed two out of the four classes I wanted to complete, but I am nearly done with a third.  I only have one task left, but I doubt I will finish it by the end of this month.  I've been struggling with the assignment, but I'm going to ask my brother, James, if he'll help me out.  Even if I don't pass this class by the end of the term, I'm still in good standing.  I'm a bit disappointed in myself, though, and I'm jealous of all those who've recently successfully graduated from college.

By the way, Sean started his own blog a few weeks ago, and he'd really like more followers.  Now that I've pimped my husband's blog, I'm going to bed.  Good night!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

I am currently sitting in the small, yet comfortable condominium we (the Welfy Clan) rented in Oceanside, California, and I am rushing to finish this entry before dinner at 333 Pacific (side-note: I wasn't able to and am now finishing this a day later). We arrived on Sunday, after an uncomfortable one-night stay at the Residence Inn Las Vegas Convention Center, primarily due to the 108-degree heat, but the hotel itself wasn't as good as others I/we have stayed at. The weather here in Oceanside has been very pleasant, though.

We've spent most of our time in the condo, on the beach, and in the hot tub. It's a short walk to the ocean, and the water is comfortable once you get used to it (I didn't actually go swimming, though, because I don't like swimming in bodies of water I can't see the bottom of).

On Wednesday, we ate lunch at Ruby's Diner. It was here we found out Proposition 8 had been ruled unconstitutional. Sean and I began talking about getting married, but that conversation ended when we found out a temporary stay had been issued.

Paradise? Not quite, but it's pretty close. I prefer quieter white-sand beaches, warm crystal-clear water, and skimpier bathing suits.  (EDIT: Photobucket decided a picture of two attractive men in skimpy bathing suits violated their terms of use.  Lame.)

Well, Sean wants to watch an episode of Mad Men, plus it's late, and we're waking up early tomorrow to begin our long drive back home (ugh). Goodnight!

To see more pictures from our vacation, please visit my mother-in-law's blog, Welfyville.
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