Monday, January 23, 2012

One Amazing Week

The last entry was depressing to write (as well as read), so I will make it up to everyone by sharing with you the events of last week, which ended on a very high note...

Monday (January 16)
I was the closing Manager-on-Duty (MOD), and when I got home, my roommate Mike and I ordered a lot of delicious Chinese food from China Village.  The rest of the night was a blur, but I think we watched Community and How I Met Your Mother.

Tuesday (January 17)
I closed again, but only because I gave my friend Zac a ride from work to my house.  My friend Aubry came over as well, and then we went out to dinner at Akasaka for her birthday.

Wednesday (January 18)
I worked.  That night, Mike and I watched Community, How I Met Your Mother, and Glee, which made me cry.  A lot.

Thursday (January 19)
I had quite a few meetings at work.  That night, I went on a date with someone I met on OKCupid.  We walked from his condo to Eva, and I fell in love...with the restaurant.  Even though I felt like we did not click, he was very nice and I enjoyed getting to know him.  Afterward, Mike and I went for a drive to the Avenues to see the view of the city lit up.  We then drove through City Creek Canyon, passing by the beautiful Capitol Building, and then parked downtown.  We briefly visited with our friend Kyle where he works at the Hotel Monaco, and then we walked around the City Creek Mall development for awhile.    

Friday (January 20)
I was closing MOD again, and I had to deal with drama I had not encountered before, but it was more humorous than stressful.  After work, Aubry came over again and we talked for awhile before going to dinner at Pipa with our friend Bryan and his husband.  Afterward, we went to Jam, but we decided to leave after about an hour there.  We drove to Metro, but it looked empty.  We talked about going across the street to Club Sound where our friend James was working, but since their dance floor is open to everyone 18 and older, we decided to go to a more adult bar.  So, we went to Try-Angles.  We sat at a table near the dance floor drinking cocktails.  Then, he walked in...

He sat down at a table a few feet from ours, and I was immediately attracted to him.  He sipped his drink and looked somewhat melancholy.  A few minutes later, he left, and I felt like I had missed an opportunity.  Fortunately, he came back, and Bryan and I got up to dance.  I saw the guy looking at me and I smiled.  He smiled, stood up, took off his jacket, and danced over to me.  Bryan went and sat back down at our table while I got to know this new person.  We danced and talked until the bar closed.  We exchanged numbers and made plans to go out Sunday.  Aubry and I then drove him home.

Saturday (January 21)
Mike and I went grocery shopping and then visited a friend.  That night, our friends Deborah and Christa came over for our weekly adventure.  This time, we went to dinner at Eva (I told you I fell in love) and while we waited for a table, we went next door for a few drinks at Cheers to You.  Afterward, we went to Tavernacle, where we met up with Christa's friend Jeff.  We drank, talked, and had a really good time.

Sunday (January 22)
Most of you already know the story, but I will save this day for the next blog...  :-)

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